not yet

Can I have you, again?

Even if for the third time.
Maybe, things will work out now.
We are more mature, you know.
Even if it’s in the third time.

Try to get to know each other, again.”
“You don’t have to like me very much, just keep you heart open for me.”

2gether the series; episode 9

I don’t know it’s just me or I don’t meet a lot people often, I don’t know.
But I’m finding you or more of, I always find for your characteristic in them.
I know people are different.
But every time I’m with someone, I always find you in them.
Saying this to you, I feel guilt for not paying attention to the people I’m seeing because I’m stuck with you.

In the end, I can’t have you.
You gave up.
I’m slowly giving up but I’m still hoping.
And you always have a space in my heart.


Hi friend

How silly I am,
Seeing the best in you, not until now.
Don’t get me wrong,
But this might sound so bad —
I was selfish, that time.

I enjoy your company.
I grew having you in my side
I saw things that I didn’t see before.
You made me realized things too.
I even think the long lasting in us.
Until I didn’t feel like I can tell you everything.
It’s just that, I feel that I’ll be a burden.

No, I think I’m not mature enough.
Not thinking what will you feel.
But I’m tired of understanding.
I want to be understand.
So I left.
Not saying a thing,
Leaving you with a burden.

Isn’t ironic?
I don’t want to be a burden but then I became a burden.
Then it continued, I didn’t talked to you at all.
I felt so horrible.
Because of my selfishness,
I didn’t see you; hurting too.
And even thinking and understanding what happened.

Not until now, I realized, you understand me.
You also want the long lasting in us.
But we can’t bring back the time.
We hurt each other many times.
I’m saying sorry.
I wish I’m not too late.

To Mom

I entered your life—
Whether it’s planned or accident,
You are happy to have me.
Almost a year of feeling torn,
For me to be born.

And the day has come,
I’m also coming.
You hear my very first cry.
I felt the joy in your face—
Tears of joy, I say.

Day by day of being tired,
Feeding me every night.
As I cry, you also cry.
I made you cry,
For me to satisfy.
Yet you still gave me unending love.

I’m more than grateful to have you as my mom,
Teaching me how to solve the sum,
For me to overcome.

Thank you for being my mom.
I’ll always love you ‘till the day has come.
I love you mom.

Happy Mother’s day!

what if

Sometimes I’m thinking,
If we’re still together,
Maybe there will be times,
We don’t talk but we’re okay.
We just don’t talk.
Respecting and enjoying our personal times.
Or maybe —
We’ll be showering each other with love and affection.
Or even more maybe —
We’ll even fight because one didn’t said good night.
But still okay,
Both we wait for time to pass,
So we can hug each other tight;
Make the world better.
Holding hands; making memories.
But it’s just me,
Thinking of sometimes.


Unsaid words and thoughts,
I’m dying to say it.
Words of appreciation—
I want you back.

Entering your life,
Disaster; chaos.
You might not need me anymore.
I’m sorry.

I just want you,
To be mine, again.
For how many times,
I want you.

My gratitude salutes you for reading it!!

I hate myself

I felt awed;
Pure heart I saw.
But not enough for my heart to thaw.
We both have flaws.

Now is it my fault?
For your impulsive halt?
And with your unsteady feelings,
You’re blaming me for your own dealings?

I maybe made mistakes,
But you’re the one who gave up.
Now acting in so much ache,
Hey, grow up

I don’t like myself because i did not post anything and did a lot of procrastination and laziness. But thank you for reading!!

You came

Believing in you,
It’s quite difficult.
Wandering thoughts,
Self, I fought.

Shall I keep the battle?
Will the freedom be served?
Or this loop, I’m stuck?
Do I settle?

This time —
I will believe.
Have my faith.
The trust, you’ll never hurt.

A decade or two;
Fate will come.
Been granted for our wishes.
You came.

You read it! Thank you!

Can we?

It is like we’re in history,
Romantic and Chivalry.
Post and letters;
I think that’s better.

Living in the past —
Must be thrilling.
Not knowing of all,
Making the journey meaningful.

To build up relation;
Making an effort.
Sweet words of persuasion,
And spine-tingling serenade.

Can we go back?
Reviving the true effort.
Don’t let it fade.

Giving my full gratitude because you read it. Stay safe!!

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